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Hi There, and thanks for stopping by and checkin out my page. I thought it would be fun to create a web page so if people wanted to find out more about me and my intrests would have a place to do so. I recently learned a bit about how to write HTML so I dont need My Space.com and I have found places to get domain names cheap so I got one of my own name.
On the sides are the  standard navagation bars that have links to other places here. Starting with my favorite hobby. Playing Texas Hold'em online. Most of the time I play at Full Tilt poker.

I would have to say that is my favorite place to play. I also play at bodog.com, ultimate bet and Doyles Room. Bodog is cool because not only can you play poker there, They also have a sportsbook page where you can bet on all the football games.

I started a couple years ago and Im on just about every night.

I work with Home Depot Installed services division. I go to peoples homes and show them ways to improve there Kitchens by re-faceing there cabnets, installing new doors and drawers. Changing the countertop and adding some crown molding.

They end up with a new kitchen at a fraction of the cost of re-modeling.
I do bathrooms and wood decks too. The great thing is that its all backed by Home Depot. If you or someone you know would like a free estamate.  Click Here

Being a salesman by trade I'm always lookin for the easy money and have found several ways to make money online, some work, some dont. Careful what you try.
Check it out if you want to. My site is called netbiznewz. Click here

Another one of my hobbies is collecting old Hot Wheels. It may sound silly but
when you find out how much they are worth its nothing to laugh about. 
Most of them are worth anywhere from $25 to $200 but some are extremly hard
to find and bring much more. The "Rear loader Beach Bomb" for example, I have
seen that Hot Wheels car sell for 38 Thousand dollars on ebay.

Yea, $38,000.00 what a trip huh? a .99 cent toy from the sixtys for 38k
Makes ya wanna look through you old stuff huh.
My Ebay name is netbiznews you can check out my account by clicking here

I will get around to updating this page sooner or later, till then... Cya!

Start Playing Online Poker At Full Tilt Poker Learn From the Pros.

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